Sunday, January 6, 2008

Greet The Day

This series is a great way to "Greet The Day" (20 minutes to complete)

Start Position

Lying on back, lengthen the back, legs and arms. Bend right knee then left knee and keep feet on floor. Arms at sides.
Leg extensions
Start position; straighten right knee by sliding heel along floor. Slide heel back to bent knee position. Repeat with left leg – straighten then bend again. Alternate legs and repeat 3-5 times.
Pelvic tilts
Start position; tuck bottom to rotate and lift hips, press lower back to floor. Repeat 5-10 times.
Neck/Shoulder rolls
Start position; slide shoulders up toward ears then back and down. Repeat.
Roll right ear toward the floor, back to center, left side, back to center.
Knee to chest
Start position; pull right knee to chest – hold – return to start. Repeat with left leg. Repeat again but also straighten opposite leg. (e.g. Right knee to chest, straighten left leg).
Reverse sit-ups
Start position; palms down next to hips. Roll knees toward chest and lift hips. Repeat 6-15 times.
Straighten leg from knee to chest
Start position; bring right knee to chest. Straighten right leg to ceiling - Hold. Keep leg straight and lower slowly to floor Bend knee to start position. Repeat with left leg. Alternate legs and repeat 3 times.
Sit up
Start position; hands behind head. Supporting weight of head with arms, lift shoulders in partial sit up. Lower slowly back to floor. Repeat 6-15 times.
Leg lifts
Start position; straighten right leg along floor. Lift so that foot is pointing to ceiling –Hold – lower slowly to 45 degrees –Hold- lower to 2’’ from floor –Hold. Release and then bend knee once foot touches floor. Repeat left leg. Alternate and repeat 3-6 times.
Sit ups – Hips open
Start position; pressing bottoms of feet together let knees fall to sides. Place arms across chest. Lift head and shoulders in partial sit up. Lower to floor. Repeat 6-15 times.
Start position; arms out to side forming a “T”. Shift hips an inch to left, keeping knees together lower to the right. Turn head to look left. Hold. Repeat on other side.
Oblique crunches (Modified Pigeon)
Start position; place left ankle on right knee. Lift right knee toward chest. Lower and repeat 3 times. Place hands behind head. Lift right elbow toward left knee in partial sit up. Repeat 6-15 times. Repeat on other side (right ankle on left knee).
Knees bent; lift hips to ceiling, resting on shoulders and hold. Lower hips.
Continuing from bridge roll up to Forward bend
Sit up to pike position. Wrap arms behind thighs and slowly straighten legs, bending at hips.
Side Leg lifts
Lying on left side, knees bent.
  • Bring right knee toward chest, then back straight (repeat 3 times).
  • Lift leg to ceiling (repeat 5-10 times). Try heel up and toe up.
  • Bend top knee and place foot in front of hip, bottom leg straight. Lift bottom leg (5-10 times).
  • Bend top knee, reach foot back and grab with top hand. Stretch thigh.
  • Pull against foot with hand and arch back.
  • Extend leg straight to ceiling while still holding foot. Release. Repeat on right side.
Supine Leg lifts
Roll onto stomach; hands under forehead; alternate lifting legs, keeping legs straight (10-20 times).
Child’s pose
Lifting hips first, push back onto heels, forehead on floor, arms reaching forward.
Modified Push up
Come forward out of child’s pose arms straight, shoulders above (slightly forward) of wrists. Lower slowly keeping hips above shoulders. (No sagging backs)
Modified Locust
Rest on forearms; lift shoulders (elbows under shoulders, fingers forward) and gaze forward. Let spine hang in gentle curve from shoulders and lengthen through the top of head.
Child’s pose/Modified Push up
Arm Lifts
Lying on stomach, reach arms forward (overhead). Lift arms, Forehead on floor, thumbs up, arms straight (10 times). Put arms out in “T” position, lift arms, thumbs up (10 times) Put arms at side, lift arms, thumbs down (10 times).
Child’s pose/Modified Push up
Lying on stomach, arms at sides. Roll partially to left side and place right arm, palm down under hips. Roll back to right side and place left arm, palm down other hip. Try to have little fingers touch. Relax left leg while lifting right leg - Hold. Reverse legs. Lift both legs - Hold. Release.
Child’s pose
Push back onto heels, forehead on floor, arms relaxed at sides.
Hero’s Pose (Modification for sensitive knees: Chair pose on toes)
  • Sit back on heels, hold.
  • Roll toes under and hold.
  • Lift knees up, keeping thighs parallel to floor, hold.
  • Roll back onto heels and hold in squat position.
Forward Bend - Finish
From squat, place hands on floor, straighten legs and stretch hamstrings. Bring hands to hips. Come up to standing position.


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